Remove Self Limiting Beliefs and Design an Abundant Life

If you’re reading this article, I want you to know you’re are awesome at what you do. Know I really mean that you see there is this cognitive bias that causes us to not understand how advanced we are at our job.


When working with my clients means they have to really put themselves out there. Once we actually break their goals down into manageable chunks it becomes real very fast.


I created

Engage reader emotionally…

How to Prepare your Ritual to Erase and Remove Limiting Beliefs

First, let’s recognize your brain for a second. It’s really great. First, let’s thank the parts of the brain that have been getting a bad wrap recently. Mainly the ego and what I like to call the censor.

These are systems we’ll have to bypass to make lasting changes to the subconscious (unconscious mind.)

I like to personify these parts of the brain so if they start interrupting me during my work I can politely ask them to stop. I suggest diplomacy not bullying when it comes to this process.

See inside out.

(pic or gif)

Let’s talk about your subconscious this is otherwise known by Carl Jung as the anima or animus. I’m not going to go into too much detail on this, but for my more advanced readers you can take a look at that.

Now that you’ve named your censor, ego, and subconcious it’s time to create an abundance talisman. This has also been called a vision board, etc

Here is an example of mine


Also, I use a glass of water for skeptical theurgy.

You’ll also want to pull up the metronome for our breathing work. This helps you focus on our breathing practice.

Then, we wil lcreate our mantra using sigil craft. Here is the thing, the censor is probably over developed depending how critical you are, so we have to overwhelm and trick it at times (with love)

That’s why  use hell deek RA Got Ra hor Khuit

This is where it’s going to get tricky. It’s time to discuss the idea of offering.

No, I’m not asking you to sacrifice any living creatures, but I would like you to meditate on the point of those kind of things.

See desert dwelling folks when food was scarce. This was a huge deal to them. It got the attention of the subconcious, the universe, god (depending on your metaphysics.

How can we put this in a modern perspective?

Well, I know many of my readers are one of two things

  1. Devoted Parents
  2. Chronic over givers

With this in mind, how can we get the attention of your subconcious, the universe, or god and let it know that you’re shifting into an abundant, financially free, high impact life?

Easy, we sacrifice time.

That’s right, you’re going to devote 45 minutes to being with only yourself, the universe, or god.

I’ll invite you to pick your stomach off the floor now. You didn’t think thus would be easy now, did you?

What systems we’ll be engaging, how to personify your brain, preparatory work (talisman). A note on offerings, introduction to the letting worries go technique  get out the metronome app, and also carve out 30-45 minutes (this is huge!) I want you to really smile at the alarm bells going off in your head here.